Noteflight on nuotinnusohjelma "pilvissä". Sitä ei tarvitse asentaa koneelle vain käytä on-line. Rekisteröinti on ilmainen.

New Features in Release 2.0

  • Playback of Repeats and Endings

      Music with repeats and multiple endings is now played back with the correct musical form. This is the first part of a series of changes that will support other form-related notations such as coda, segno, and others.

  • Instruments
    • Playback in instrument panel

        It is now possible to try out instrument sounds from within the popup that offers a choice of instruments, making the selection process much easier.

Paragon's Backup, partition and more...

Time machine


Timemachine on ohjelma/ajuri joka asentuu koneen bootausaluella. Se mahdollista Mac'in tutun timemachine toiminnon. Varaamalla kovalevyltä jonkin verran piilotettua tilaa, se tallentaa jopa monen päivien versioita tiedostoista johon voi palata näin jälkikäteen. 

Freeware de l'avent : Twin Engined Verb


From Audiofanzine website

  • 68 controls
  • 192 presets
  • Filtres shelves
  • Crossover
  • 2 rooms with 3 algorithms each
  • 6 modes d'enhancer
  • Automation VST
  • MIDI control
  • Mid/side
  • Stereo flip
  • 2 distortion stages
  • VUmetre
  • Section randomiser
  • presets copy / paste
  • freeze function

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Many VSTi synths and a few effects



Have you ever used Sibelius notation software?

You will feel at home with MuseScore, it looks and behave the same way as Sibelius. It's free and updates are frequent.

KVR developper challenge 2009

listaus ja kuvaus KVR-Challenge-developper 2009 osallistujista. Monenlaisia VSTi soittimia ja muutama effekteja.

listing of developper-challenge 2009. Many VSTi synths and some effects.

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