Freeware de l'avent : Twin Engined Verb


From Audiofanzine website

  • 68 controls
  • 192 presets
  • Filtres shelves
  • Crossover
  • 2 rooms with 3 algorithms each
  • 6 modes d'enhancer
  • Automation VST
  • MIDI control
  • Mid/side
  • Stereo flip
  • 2 distortion stages
  • VUmetre
  • Section randomiser
  • presets copy / paste
  • freeze function

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. Le manuel est disponible











Many VSTi synths and a few effects



Some Plugins of wich one is free:

  • BarChimes
  • FusionField, reverb
  • PitchWheel, real time pitch change
  • GlassVIper, synth
  • RaySpace, a space designer. Maybe the most interesting in this site.
  • CrowdChamber
  • UpStereo the free one. It is a stereo enhancer


KVR developper challenge 2009

listaus ja kuvaus KVR-Challenge-developper 2009 osallistujista. Monenlaisia VSTi soittimia ja muutama effekteja.

listing of developper-challenge 2009. Many VSTi synths and some effects.

Amp modelling

And some guitar oriented plugins.


DDMF plugins

You may pay as much as you want when purchasing those Plugins


Availables are : different EQ, a stereo tool (MS) and  a compressor

JB plugin suite


Freewares plugins and some paywares too




 Pianoteq VSTi ja RTAS virtuaalipiano

FX teleport

 The solution for using multiples networked computers in audio production jobs. FX-teleport will map the plugins across a network from one DAW to another.

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